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Organic Blueberries


Our business is built on the pillars of good relationships and trust with

our stakeholders

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to provide exceptional marketing services by supplying premium quality fruit to our esteemed global partners. In doing so, we aim to generate a sustainable premium that fuels the growth and expansion of our business.

Market Expansion with Global Reach

Angon Fruit targets key markets, including the United Kingdom, European Union & Scandinavia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Far East, and South Africa.


With our diversified portfolio, we aim to allocate 30% of our supply to the United Kingdom, 25% to the European Union, 10% to the Middle East, 25% to Southeast Asia & the Far East, and 10% to South Africa.


This strategic distribution benefits us from a well-balanced exposure to the UK Pound, EU Euro, and US Dollar markets, ensuring stability and growth.

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