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Paarl winelands


For over a century, the Kirsten family has nurtured their farms in the breathtaking Paarl region of South Africa.

Today, with the fourth generation leading the way, we continue bringing you the best in fresh produce.


Our journey began in 2011 when the Kirsten family embarked on a mission to venture closer to our customers while expanding the business.


We wanted to create a seamless connection between the bountiful South African farmlands and the discerning palates around the globe. Thus, Angon Fruit was born, adding a touch of marketing finesse to our already stellar reputation as a South African fruit exporter.


At Angon Fruit, our strength lies in the enduring relationships we build and the trust we foster with our valued partners worldwide. Collaborating with like-minded individuals who share our passion for excellence, we bring added value to the premium products we export to discerning destinations worldwide. Season after season, we've witnessed remarkable growth, and we're determined to keep the momentum going by surpassing the expectations of our stakeholders.


Our symbol, the angon spear, embodies our commitment to surpassing expectations with precision craftsmanship. It represents our dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience, from service excellence to the highest quality standards and a range of South African fruit exports. With a sturdy wooden shaft symbolising the backbone of our supply chain, we've crafted a robust and efficient system that maximises value. This ensures a swift and seamless journey from the farms to your doorstep while harnessing the power of sustainability to benefit stakeholders and positively impact the environment and local communities.


But we aspire to be more than just a South African fruit exporter. Our mission is to be an ethical ambassador, showcasing South African fruit's unparalleled beauty and flavours to the world. With each shipment, we aim to deliver a slice of our rich agricultural heritage, bringing you the freshest, most succulent produce that epitomises the vibrant spirit of our land.


At Angon Fruit, our core values of quality, efficiency, integrity, sustainability, and innovation are the guiding principles behind everything we do. By adhering to these values, we ensure that every bite of our fruit is a tantalising testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.


Join us on this exciting journey as we transcend borders, ignite taste buds, and redefine the essence of South African fruit exports. Together, let's savour the delectable flavours of our sun-kissed produce, nurtured by generations of passionate farmers and brought to you with love and care by Angon Fruit.

Meet The Team

woman picking grapes

Experience the Finest South African Fruit Selection

We take immense pride in offering you a distinguished range of premium products that embody our unwavering commitment to excellence. With meticulous care and a passion for quality, we bring you the finest table grapes, citrus and blueberries, each with its own unique charm and flavour.

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